Dental Implants


We can complete your smile

At Ayden Family Dentistry we believe that everyone deserves a million-dollar smile. If dentures do not work for you, consider dental implants. Unlike partials or dentures, dental implants are permanent fixtures with your jawbone. The jawbone actually integrates the implant into the bone, helping it to remain sturdy and healthy. Dental implants also help keep your surrounding teeth (top and bottom) healthy and non-mobile. 

Dental implants are excellent alternatives if daily denture removal is not an option for you. Dental implants are individually designed to your specific mouth and contour, guaranteeing a perfect fit for a perfect smile!


To qualify for dental implants, reach out to schedule a consultation with Dr. Monica Molini. With her years of experience, she can answer all of your questions in an informative, yet friendly manner.

We are passionate about giving you a perfect smile.