Partials and Dentures


What you need to know

Ayden Family Dentistry provides options for partial dentures and full dentures depending on a patient's individual needs. Full dentures are typically used when a patient has no teeth or very few teeth. Full dentures serve as replacement teeth that are fitted into an acrylic base that is created to look like your natural gums​. Partial dentures are used when one or more natural teeth remain in the upper or lower jaw. Both options provide tooth/teeth replacement therapy in various ways:

  • Creates a full, healthy smile

  • Minimizes gaps

  • Allows better chewing and nutrition

  • Prevents sinking lips

  • Gives more confidence

Please reach out to Dr. Monica Molini if you would like to learn more about partials and dentures. She can conduct a fitting in a friendly, welcoming, and comfortable dental environment.

Our team is honored to assist in your oral health journey