Our Dental Services

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General Dentistry

Our team is proud to offer oral health care services to patients of all ages across eastern North Carolina.

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Emergency Dental Care

When dental emergencies happen, you can trust our knowledgable team at Ayden Family Dentistry.

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We can provide fillings when needed to reduce tooth sensitivity and pain due to cavities and other issues.

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Same-Day Crowns

Our office uses innovative and state-of-the-art technology to provide you with same-day crown service.


We can get you fitted for partial dentures or full dentures, depending on your individual need.

Dental Implants

Dr. Monica Molini has nearly two decades of experience with dental implants and can perfect your smile.

Cosmetic Dentistry

We are proud to offer Invisalign treatment to our patients. Dr. Monica Molini is specialized in this process.

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Night Guards

Teeth grinding can occur without even realizing it. We can help identify the issue and fit you for a night guard.

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Tooth Extractions

Dr. Monica Molini can perform simple extractions when tooth decay, infection, or crowding is present.